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Nerd Rage - Elliott Nerd Rage - A Comic about nerds raging over nerdy things. Nerd Rage - Jim 4.gif Nerd Rage - A Comic about nerds raging over nerdy things.
Nerd Rage - Elliott Nerd Rage - Jim 2.gif Nerd Rage - jim Nerd Rage - A Comic about nerds raging over nerdy things.
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Dinosaurs & Man

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Dinosaurs & Man

October 7th, 2011

Terra Nova: did you watch it yet? The premier was not received well. But I still tuned back in for the second episode, so I guess they did something right (and by "did something right", I mean...well, there were dinosaurs.). The guys from Lost described it as "Jurassic Park and Lost in the same TV show", but I would describe it as "Land of the Lost meets regular Lost". And I'll probably continue watching it. There's no deep commitment here. It's not a question if Fox will cancel it, it's a question of when.

Also, that's not so much a jab at Terra Nova as it is at the fact Fox cancels everything.

Those following Kotaku's Sunday Comics should know Nerd Rage was not selected. Thank you so much, everyone who voted! And congrats goes to Legacy Control for making the cut!

I had a lot of comments about last week's comic, including theories over what comic it was poking fun at. It was intended as general parody of the stereotypical amateur web comic. Most of them are forgotten after a couple updates, left to forever clog the depths of Deviantart with their five glorious strips. I apologize if you found the comic too similar to your comic or a comic you read, it was certainly not intentional.

I'd already established that Elliott was a terrible artist, so I had to try to carry through with a similarly awful look. Before creating Gaming Buddiez I made up a list of as many 'bad comic tropes' as I could. An annotated version of the list is included below. Some of my efforts to make the comic look bad failed, because you can't see them in the final image. So here it is zoomed in.

Gaming Buddiez

- "Based on real life!"
- About two young adult males who sit around discussing games
- Author writes himself as main character with none of the author's flaws...and maybe some additions, because he's good looking, rich, funny, etc.
- Main character has an attractive girlfriend, even if she doesn't exist in real life. Their relationship boils down to "they're committed because it's written that way."
- Main character has job working in THE VIDYA GAME INDUSTRY (Or a game shop, card shop, comic shop, etc. -- basically the author's geeky dream job.)
- Main character will be completely capable and successful yet do wacky, hilarious, and otherwise stupid things on a regular basis.
- Non-human roommates will be added for the sake of comedy (robots or sentient animals)
- Cheeto fingers or a stereotypical geek brand..
- Round bubbles, straight tails
- Comic sans. MORE COMIC SANS!
- Text blocks almost touching bubble edges.
- It's 'drawn' entirely with sprites and MSpaint
- Lineart is colored with flood fill, leaving anti-aliased white lines around edges.
- Dodge 'n burn shading
- Shadows on top of shapes, inconsistent shading
- Highlights on as many edges as possible! It doesn't have to make sense!
- Same-face as much as possible
- Paste in photos instead of drawing objects
- Use unaltered font on signs, shirts, etc.
- Photos as backgrounds ...when the background isn't a gradient.

In retrospect, there should have been more soft shading and hand-hiding.

Yesterday news broke that Steve Jobs had passed. While I'm not a fan of Apple or its products, I fully recognize the impact he had on the world; we truly lost a creative individual.

Long Live Play! Sony's latest ad campaign took many surprise for its stirring message. And its live depiction of many characters; see that, Sony? This is how to handle your properties in live action! Props for the cameos, too -- this commercial is loaded with them.

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